YouthMap was a five-year program of the International Youth Foundation (IYF), which ran from 2010-2015 with support from the United States Agency for International Development (USAID). IYF conducted in-country youth assessments and subsequent Innovation Fund pilot projects implemented in close coordination with USAID missions and local partners in target countries.

The YouthMap assessments provide a snapshot of youth circumstances in six Sub-Saharan African countries, based on input from young people and other key stakeholders. Summary findings present compelling results – supported by data, youth voices, and validated by young Africans during end-of-project learning events, which are designed to guide government, civil society, and private sector entities interested in working alongside young people to address issues related to education, employment, health, and civic/political participation in particular.

YouthMap data was gathered from specific country geographies and demographics determined in collaboration with and by local USAID missions. Findings from field work were presented alongside secondary research and verified by peer review committees. More information on the methodology, findings, analysis and recommendations can be found in the country reports below.

The YouthMap Innovation Fund provided seed grants to pilot promising projects in select countries, in response to needs identified in the assessments. Projects were implemented through local partners, and were labor market-driven, engaging government, civil society, and the private sector in the development of employability, entrepreneurship, and leadership skills for young people.

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YouthMap Casamance: Fatmata's Story

As a participant in YouthMap, Fatmata learned valuable life skills. Here this young woman from Kolda, Senegal, describes her experience in the program and talks about how it has helped her look towards her future.

YouthMap Uganda Internship Program -- Joel's Story

The YouthMap Internship Program has provided opportunities for young Ugandans to develop new skills, gain experience, and build their networks in order to be better placed to break into Uganda's competitive job market and earn a livelihood.

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