We're proud to feature an array of partners, youth, and supporters in the following videos. Watch and learn more about how we're working together to drive positive change for young people around the world.

Lightning Talk: Conditions that Move the Needle

Rebecca Kelley, the Director of Development of Foundations at the National 4-H Council, presents new research into social mobility paints a picture of young people from rural communities climbing the income ladder at the LEAPS learning event, "Strengthening Youth Opportunity in Rural America," on

Education Aligned to Workforce Needs

The world of work changes fast, and often. To thrive, students need skills that match market demand, relevant experiences, and pathways to employers, jobs, and careers.

Lightning Talk: Approaches that Move the Needle

Young people have a lot to say about the policies and decisions that affect them, and communities are starting to listen.

Looking for Best Practices and Innovation for Socioemotional Health

Sometimes, it takes more than traditional academic approaches to keep young people in school and engaged.