We're proud to feature an array of partners, youth, and supporters in the following videos. Watch and learn more about how we're working together to drive positive change for young people around the world.

(Re)Connecting Youth “Safe Spaces” Learning Event – Highlights

“Trust us… we have so much power and light within us.” Jasmín, a youth advocate with the Asociación Civil Doncel, provides recommendations for practitioners working with foster youth at a (Re)Connecting Youth learning event.

(Re)Connecting Youth “Safe Spaces” Learning Event – Youth Panel

Six former foster youth from the Nebraska Children and Families Foundation and the the Asociación Civil Doncel in Argentina share their insights on peer mentoring initiatives for youth in care.

(Re)Connecting Youth “Safe Spaces” Learning Event – Practitioner Panel

Watch as practitioners from the Asociación Civil Doncel, the Nebraska Children and Families Foundation, and other youth-serving organizations share their insights on promoting the development of safe spaces for foster youth during a (Re)Connecting Youth learning event in Omaha, Nebraska.

(Re)Connecting Youth “Safe Spaces” Learning Event – Keynote Speaker

Watch as Kristin Williams, Director of Community Initiatives at The Sherwood Foundation, shares her keynote address at a (Re)Connecting Youth learning event in Omaha, Nebraska. An initiative of IYF, (Re)Connecting Youth is supported by the Robert Wood Johnson Foundation.