We're proud to feature an array of partners, youth, and supporters in the following videos. Watch and learn more about how we're working together to drive positive change for young people around the world.

Introducing Voices of Social Change

Voices of Social Change is a free online short course co-designed and delivered by eight young social entrepreneurs. Follow in the footsteps of these young change-makers who had an idea, a desire to make an impact, and converted that into real-world change.

LEAPS Learning Event - Opening Remarks

Susan Reichle, IYF's President & CEO, highlights accomplishments and lessons learned in her opening remarks at the LEAPS learning event, "Strengthening Youth Opportunity in Rural America," held on May 20, 2019.

Rural Trends: Issues and Opportunities in Rural America

What challenges do young people in rural areas and small cities face? What opportunities exist and what solutions stand out? Hear from the experts, including those who know best—young people themselves—in a panel discussion moderated by Dr.

Forging Partnerships & Aligning Investments: The Role of Large Corporations and Foundations in Investing in the Future

Investments can lead to lasting economic development and real community improvement.