Nancy Lazaro

  • Project Manager
  • Tanzania

As Project Manager, Nancy supports the Via: Pathways to Work initiative. Additionally, she is part of the Global Youth Voices Task Force that works to deepen the inclusion and integration of youth voices within IYF through exploring and adopting new practices for engaging youth beyond their participation in our programs. Prior to joining IYF, Nancy worked with the ILO where she organized and monitored the UN Joint Program on Youth Employment, provided technical support to partners, developed partnerships with key stakeholders, and supported the ILO’s efforts to adapt its global youth employment tools to the Tanzanian context. A 2014 Mandela Washington Fellow (YALI) and a 2016 Global Citizen Youth Advocate, Nancy holds a bachelor's degree in Commerce and Management and a master's degree in International Business, both from the University of Dar es Salaam, and a second master's degree in Arts and Culture Management from Rome Business School. She is a poet, an active advocate for the arts, and the author of a self-help book titled The Best is Found in You.

Facts About Nancy Lazaro
  • Languages: English, Swahili
  • Country of birth Tanzania
  • Hobbies: Reading, writing, and traveling