Lucas Mkude

  • Project Manager, Via Mtwara, TANZANIA
  • Tanzania

Lucas is IYF’s Project Manager for Via, Mtwara, a position in which he manages Via project activities associated with the Vocational Educational and Training Authority (VETA). He joined IYF with 12 years of experience working with youth programs, specifically programs focused on youth empowerment and education. In 2006, he held the position of Project Officer at the National Network of Young Positive, a local NGO supporting HIV positive youth. He later worked as a secondary school teacher and managed the Livelihood and Education programs at Church World Service. Lucas earned a Bachelor of Arts in Education from the University of Dar es Salaam and a Master of Arts in Procurement and Supply Chain Management from Moshi Cooperative University.

Facts About Lucas Mkude
  • Languages: English, Swahili
  • Country of birth Tanzania
  • Hobbies: Poetry, listening to music, analyzing films