Loubna Tofik

  • Program Manager, MOROCCO
  • Morocco

Loubna Tofik has worked as a program manager in the IYF Morocco office since June 2013. She joined IYF with more than 10 years of experience in capacity building for local organizations, including in rural Morocco. Loubna has training in finance and accounting and a bachelor's degree in economics and management. Over the course of her career, Loubna has developed strong skills in education, entrepreneurship and human development more broadly by contributing to several major projects funded by the MCC, USAID, and the Moroccan government. In addition to her experience working with NGOs, Loubna also served for 7 years as a trainer in the OFPPT in Accounting, Business Management and Administration. With her strong educational skills, her expertise in NGO capacity, and experience with young people, Loubna now serves as a senior project manager at IYF and works directly under the supervision of IYF Morocco Country Director.

Facts About Loubna Tofik
  • Languages: Arabic, English, French
  • Country of birth Morocco
  • Hobbies: Reading