With funding from the TK Foundation, our Órale initiative is orienting youth to the world of work through employability and life skills training combined with job placement services. We’re addressing the specific needs of 16 to 28-year-olds who are not in employment, education, or training (NEET) in the cities of Tijuana, Leon, and Guadalajara, Mexico. Including youth-to-youth facilitation, mentoring, counseling, the initiative builds on the validated Youth:Work Mexico (YWM) model developed over five years of implementation in Ciudad Juarez. To achieve scale and long-term sustainability, we’re transferring ownership and management of the initiative to local organizations. In Tijuana, we’re continuing to work with Fronteras Unidas ProSalud, A.C., a strong YWM partner. In Leon and Guadalajara, we’ve started a new partnership with Vinculos y Redes, A.C., and their network of Salesians of Don Bosco Centers, who work with vulnerable communities across the country.