Life Skills

Soft Skills, Hard Work, and Cake

A few months ago, when IYF’s job placement team in Morocco secured a position for the 900th young person, they celebrated with a cake, a small Alice in Wonderland-style gâteau with the number 900 written on the top. Then, two weeks later, they found jobs for another 100 young people. So, what to do—buy another cake?

EquipYouth Solves Employer’s Hiring Problems

Like their counterparts around the world, one of the main difficulties Peruvian companies report is finding trained staff with technical knowledge and good soft skills. According to Cantol S.A., a metallurgical company that has been producing locks and other security products for more than 40 years, found a solution by hiring graduates of the EquipYouth initiative.

Yes, I’m Optimistic About Palestinian Youth

What always amazes me when I’m there is the remarkable resilience and stubborn sense of hope that so many young Palestinians share.

How Social-Emotional Learning Can Reduce School Drop-Out

Maybe I was biased in the sessions I chose to attend, but it seemed like social-emotional learning—also referred to as life skills, softs skills, or transferable skills—was popping up a lot at the Comparative and International Education (CIES) annual conference in Vancouver.

Why We Must Prioritize Women’s Economic Opportunities

Our collective efforts have yet to open fully the doors of opportunity to millions of young women who every day seek the dignity and independence that comes only with a decent and stable job.

Mapping the Alarming Rates of Violence Against Teens

A new study published by the American Academy of Pediatrics, Global Prevalence of Past-Year Violence Against Children, has gathered information from sources around the world to offer a global picture of the treatment of young people. What they’ve found is unacceptable: children and teens face deplorably high rates of violence.

Assertive, Goal-Oriented & Confident Youth in Algeria

Nineteen-year-old Oussama and his five siblings grew up in a two-room home in Bordj El Kiffan, a sprawling suburb in northern Algeria. He grew up knowing the importance of hard work, and he also witnessed what can happen when you don’t have something to strive for in life.

Quest 2 Learn Creates Space for Incubation

The campus of the Indian Institute of Management in Bangalore was abuzz with activity. Participants from across the learning spectrum had gathered for the annual Quest 2 Learn summit. The two-day event centered on the most pressing issue in skills development: bridging the gap between education and the skills required in today’s workforce.

In Algeria, an Aspiring Auditor Proves She Can Be Counted On

Twenty-two year-old Hodda Taibi grew up in Cherchell, a coastal town in northern Algeria. The youngest of six siblings, she worked hard at the University of Algiers, earning a license to practice accounting and finance in 2015. Yet despite her qualifications, Hodda was unsure of what to do next. Should she look for a job? Continue her studies? With one out of four Algerian youth unemployed, job success was no guarantee.

From Soccer Hopeful to Youth Development Professional

When I was growing up a resettled refugee in New Hampshire—having emigrated from Vietnam—life wasn’t always easy, things didn’t always make sense, and ends didn’t always meet. I didn’t have much, but I always had soccer.