Employment Education

4 Reasons To Be Optimistic About the 2030 UN Agenda

If you are concerned, as I am, about the wellbeing of today’s young people, and wonder what it will take to create a better future for them and their children, then here’s some positive news.

Young Entrepreneurs: They Call Me Pratibha

With support from Young Entrepreneurs—an initiative of IYF and The MasterCard Center for Inclusive Growth—Pratibha, 23, succeeded in reviving her family's struggling business.

A Step-by-Step Journey to Employment in Palestine

For the 44 percent of Palestine’s youth who are unemployed, finding their place in the job market requires persistence, flexibility, networks, and the right mix of skills and experience, as 22-year-old Omar Abu Arra came to find out.

Hospitality Employees Learn Life Skills Underwater

Should you answer a text message while talking with your supervisor? How do you resolve workplace conflicts with your colleagues?

Youth in South Africa Find Success

"Coming from the circumstances I grew up in it makes it difficult to go forward," says Lucian. The 23-year-old describes the mentality in his hometown of Reiger Park, South Africa, as "crime before education." Having dropped out of college to work when his girlfriend became pregnant, this young father has struggled with negative social pressures.

Passport to Success® for Hospitality

Learn about a new online life skills program designed to prepare youth for personal and professional success.

Find Fulfillment Through Life Skills Training

In Karawang, not far from Indonesia's capital city of Jakarta, eighteen-year-old Anindya lives alone with her mother. To earn money for food and rent, Anindya used to sell donuts and snacks to classmates and teachers at her vocational high school.

YouthMap Voices 2015 Event

IYF brought together young people and youth stakeholders from across the continent at the YouthMap: Learning + Collaborating + Innovating Conference in Uganda.

Ensuring Arab Youth Have a Stake in the Future: A Call to Action

"You don't have to choose between launching innovative or traditional business start-ups," one promising entrepreneur from Jordan recently argued. "In our culture, we can do both at the same time."

Youth Help Youth Get Jobs

Watch as Cristina, a facilitator, and Miriam, a program graduate, share the uniqueness of Youth:Work Mexico's youth-to-youth approach.