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4 Ways to Drive Youth Economic Opportunities in Indonesia

For me, getting the numbers right—particularly when they are measuring young people’s wellbeing—is critically important to how we shape meaningful youth development programs and strategies. Unfortunately, statistics around youth employment, perhaps the most significant indicator of whether a young person will lead a productive and successful life, may not paint an accurate or complete picture.

Vietnamese Youth Wise Beyond Their Years

On October 1, IYF, in collaboration with CSIS and Hilton Worldwide, hosted more than 80 young Vietnamese people and youth serving organizations to discuss future opportunities in Vietnam.

How Investments in Vietnamese Youth Paid Off

Vietnam’s youth have a better chance of being employed than many of their regional peers, with comparatively greater numbers of youth in school, jobs, or training. These are among the findings of a new study by IYF, CSIS, and Hilton Worldwide.

Ritu Sharma Joins IYF & CSIS Initiative

The International Youth Foundation (IYF) and the Center for Strategic and International Studies (CSIS) are pleased to announce the appointment of Ritu Sharma, a leading global women’s rights and antipoverty advocate, as a senior visiting fellow to lead the CSIS Youth, Prosperity, and Security Initiative, a unique partnership between IYF and CSIS.