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How Comics are Helping Walmart Prepare 200K Women for Work

Through Desafío W, an online platform modeled after a comic book, Chilean youth will develop the skills needed to succeed in the retail industry. The game is part of a major Walmart Foundation initiative to train young women for their first job in retail.

IYF Launches Online Annual Report

"The Weight of Unemployment and Dependency Has been Taken Off My Shoulders"

These are the words of Rebecca, a 26-year-old Ugandan who began work for a social services organization following her participation in an internship program made available through the...

YouthActionNet® Fellows Pioneer Technology Innovations

Youth as eager adopters of new technologies should come as no surprise to anyone; yet little attention is focused on the role young people play in pioneering tech solutions to critical global challenges. Youth-led tech innovations were spotlighted last week at an award ceremony honoring the...

IYF Builds Tanzania’s Capacity to Strengthen Education Practices

New Digital Curriculum Improves Reading Skills in Country’s Schools

As part of Tanzania’s overall efforts to improve student achievement, the International Youth Foundation (IYF) has developed interactive digital learning tools...