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3 Lessons for Increasing & Sustaining Women’s Participation in Vocational Training

Despite a higher earning and promotion potential in industrial sectors, women aren't accessing these jobs. How do we get more women enrolled?

Proving Technical Training Isn't Just for Men

This post was written by a young woman who participated in the first phase of our EquipYouth initiative, through which we've been working to connect young people around the world with critical technical and life skills training.

Life Skills a High Stakes Business in China

Loud. Hot. Busy. These are my first impressions as I tour Workshop #2, the assembly floor for 11- and 40-liter engines at Chongqing Cummins Engine Company (CCEC) plant in Chongqing, China.

CONALEP: Bringing Systems Change to Vocational Training in Mexico

In this post our Executive Vice President for Business Development, Peter Shiras, introduces CONALEP, a key partner in Mexico. He looks at how CONALEP aims to make vocational training more responsive to the needs of students and employers.