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Luke Rodgers’ Journey from Foster Care Statistic to Champion of Systems Change

Fifty percent of the United Kingdom’s homeless population are people who have left the foster care system. At age 15, Luke Rodgers was part of that statistic. He spent nights sleeping on trains and attended school during the day. An "un-fosterable" care leaver, Luke struggled to make meaning out of a tumultuous childhood and teen years spent in a revolving door of foster situations.

Ensuring Arab Youth Have a Stake in the Future: A Call to Action

"You don't have to choose between launching innovative or traditional business start-ups," one promising entrepreneur from Jordan recently argued. "In our culture, we can do both at the same time."

Teenage Orphans Face Life on Their Own

The national scale-up of IYF’s Passport to Success® curriculum means thousands of teenage orphans in the Kyrgyz Republic will develop the skills they need for independent living.

When Getting to Work is a Bigger Challenge than Finding a Job

Policymakers in Jordan consider the policy implications of a new IYF study identifying transportation as key obstacle impacting youth employability.