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Translating Skills from the Soccer Field to the Workplace

While my linguistic skills are quite limited, there is one language that has allowed me to communicate across Sub-Saharan Africa: soccer. I can’t say I speak all the dialects, but I am more or less fluent in Premier League, proficient in Champions League, and speak enough La Liga and PSL to get by.

Through Sports, Youth Learn Skills for Life & Work

As competition continues at the Olympic Games in Sochi, Russia, the world has turned its attention to sports. Christy Macy sat down to talk with Matthew Breman, IYF Program Director...

Changing How Youth Adapt to Change: Fishing 2.0


The Spirit of the Olympics Needs to Flourish in Every Community

Like millions of others around the world, I’ve been glued to the TV for days watching the drama of the Olympics unfold in my living room. My favorite events were diving and gymnastics, perhaps because I competed in those sports as a kid. I also loved watching the games for their ability to unite...