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The Power of Soccer to Shape Leaders & Change Communities

Four young leaders from Colombia prove how filling free time with sport can drive social change—including improving school retention, preventing violence, and promoting gender equality.

From Soccer Hopeful to Youth Development Professional

When I was growing up a resettled refugee in New Hampshire—having emigrated from Vietnam—life wasn’t always easy, things didn’t always make sense, and ends didn’t always meet. I didn’t have much, but I always had soccer.

Translating Skills from the Soccer Field to the Workplace

While my linguistic skills are quite limited, there is one language that has allowed me to communicate across Sub-Saharan Africa: soccer. I can’t say I speak all the dialects, but I am more or less fluent in Premier League, proficient in Champions League, and speak enough La Liga and PSL to get by.

A Soccer Tournament Unites Youth from North to South

On a hot summer day, one day before the start of the holy month of Ramadan, in one of Jordan’s largest parks, Al Hussein National Park, more than a hundred Youth:Work Jordan (YWJ) program participants traveled all the way from Irbid to M’aan to play their favorite sport: soccer.