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Caterpillar’s EquipYouth Program Transforming Lives

Nearly 8,000 youth have benefited from EquipYouth, a global job training program. Meet Mithin in India and Titik in Indonesia, and see how their lives have been changed.

Trained in Hospitality Skills, Jordanian Youth Seize Opportunities in the Restaurant Trade

“I love restaurants,” says 20-year-old Iyad, who grew up in the city of Irbid, 70 kilometers north of Amman, Jordan. “I always wanted to study in the hospitality industry, but I didn’t have the opportunity,” adds the youth, who often borrowed his mother’s recipe...

Want to Be Hip? Solve the Global Youth Unemployment Problem

I can’t remember the last time someone used the word "cool" to describe me, or what I do.  Obviously it doesn’t happen very often. But just the other day, I participated in a roundtable discussion,...

Sharek Partnerships Support Graduates to Reach Employment

“I really encourage graduates to take this type of training because I really noticed the difference as a manager. They come ready to work with valuable experience, work well under pressure, and work easily with others.” So says Rami Khleaf, the Human Resources Manager for Reach, a...