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Work Readiness Skills & Gender Equality in the Dominican Republic

Sofia was worried about the students in her furniture design, construction, and assembly course. Read why she is more confident about their futures now. 

Preparing University Students in Palestine for the Labor Market

Everything we do at IYF aims to support youth on the path to success in work and life, and educational institutions like the Arab American University in Jenin (AAUJ), in Palestine, are one key type of partner in achieving this mission. Voice of Palestine radio recently spoke with Dr. Nizam Diab, AAUJ's Vice President of Community Affairs, about the school's cooperation with IYF. 

What Do Algerian Young Women & Oprah Have in Common?

“She grew up in poverty, just like me!”

“She faced a lot of personal challenges when she was younger, just like me!”

“She had to believe in herself even when she had no one to believe in her, just like me”

How One Algerian Youth is Helping Others Reach Their Goals

“Empowering youth to reach their goals is rewarding and inspiring,” says Mohamed Temar of his role as a volunteer life skills trainer in Saïda, a city in northwest Algeria.