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6 Steps to Initiating Bolder Youth-Driven Economic Growth in Africa

We know investing in youth livelihoods can produce long-term positive outcomes, but how do we make sustainable change in complex systems at scale and in a resource-constrained environment?

How Social-Emotional Learning Can Reduce School Drop-Out

Maybe I was biased in the sessions I chose to attend, but it seemed like social-emotional learning—also referred to as life skills, softs skills, or transferable skills—was popping up a lot at the Comparative and International Education (CIES) annual conference in Vancouver.

Generation Now: Young Voices of Change

“We need to acknowledge and recognize the contributions of young people,” affirmed UN Secretary-General Envoy for Youth Ahmad Alhendawi in addressing over 120 public, private, civil society, and youth leaders who convened at the Center for Strategic and International Studies (CSIS) in Washington, DC, on October 8 to discuss the impact of today’s global movement of youth-led social change.

Young Women Key to Growing Zimbabwe’s Future

Connecting youth—and particularly young women—to opportunities was the driving message behind the recent launch of Phase II of Zimbabwe:Works, a US$8 million initiative to improve the economic prospects for 22,500 young Zimbabweans over the next three years.