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A Youth Training So Good, Parents Want to Join

What does it mean to be a leader? Last week I was reminded that profound change does not start just from a high office or a news headline. It ripples out from thoughtful individuals who see the potential for a better future.

A Young Volunteer Connects to Her Community

Like other youth in her village, at 16, Adina Bazarbaeva assumed she would eventually go to Russia to find work when she finished school. “I didn’t think I had anything to...

Orphaned Youth Gain Skills, Dispel Stereotypes & Contribute to Their Communities

Nearly 11,000 young people live in orphanages and other children’s centers in the Kyrgyz Republic. The causes of child institutionalization range from the death of a parent (22 percent) and difficult life circumstances (21 percent) to single motherhood (9...

Jasa.kg Improves Life Skills for Youth in Orphanages

Dilbara strives for a better future through education and volunteering.

With much perseverance, Dilbara finished ninth grade, but now...