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Learning for Life: 2016 IYF Annual Report

What challenges do the world's youth face, how do they feel about the future, and who will play a role in helping them realize their potential?

3 Priorities for Successful Positive Youth Development

A new whiteboard animation describes IYF's approach to youth development, including an emphasis on future-proof skills.

Rethinking Priorities, Reimagining Possibilities: 2015 IYF Annual Report

"Rethinking Priorities, Reimagining Possibilities" examines how we can ensure that the largest youth generation the world has ever known has what it takes to succeed in our rapidly transforming world.

Why Youth Matter: IYF Releases 2014 Annual Report

Over the past 25 years, the International Youth Foundation (IYF) has impacted more than 17 million young lives, engaging an expansive community of individuals and organizations in support of our mission.