"The Weight of Unemployment and Dependency Has been Taken Off My Shoulders"

These are the words of Rebecca, a 26-year-old Ugandan who began work for a social services organization following her participation in an internship program made available through the International Youth Foundation (IYF). Rebecca is one of more than a dozen youth profiled in IYF’s 2013 Annual Report who have benefited from a range of IYF programs and services. 

Presented in an interactive, user-friendly format, the online report highlights IYF’s proven solutions for ensuring that today’s youth gain the skills, knowledge, and access to opportunities they need to succeed. Features include:  

  • An animated video highlighting IYF’s efforts to bridge the gap between youth needs and labor market demands.
  • Inspiring youth stories and voices demonstrating IYF’s impact on their lives—helping them to find jobs, start businesses, and contribute meaningfully to their communities.
  • Highlights from our work with over 900 young social entrepreneurs in nearly 90 countries through what we call YouthActionNet®. 
  • Infographics illustrating our expanded reach, with more than 17 million young people benefiting from IYF programs since 1990.  
  • Links to in-depth research and publications analyzing youth needs, trends, and opportunities in diverse country contexts.  
  • Exciting new tools to equip trainers to deliver quality life skills instruction and help local civil society organizations assess their needs and strengthen their services.

Our sincere thanks extend to the IYF community of friends and supporters that have made these accomplishments possible.