The International Youth Foundation is pleased to announce the launch of the Youth:Work Jordan (YWJ) website, designed to provide easy access to a wide range of information about the program, its goals and plans for the future, as well as opportunities to get involved. Started in 2009, YWJ is a five-year collaborative, community-based initiative of the International Youth Foundation, the US Agency for International Development and the Jordanian Ministry of Social Development. Its goal: to promote marketable skills, improve social services, and expand civic engagement opportunities among Jordan’s most underserved youth. 

Do you need up-to-date information on the program’s activities? Would you like to meet some of the Jordanian youth who have already benefited from YWJ activities?  Are you interested in attending an upcoming event? This site aims to answer those and many other questions. An introductory video of the program incorporates messages from the Queen of Jordan, the Minister of Social Development, and Jordan’s USAID’s Director. Young people—their  voices, stories, and photosare prominent throughout the site.

In addition to providing profiles of each YWJ community and local participating NGOs, the site offers a resources section that includes implementing plans for each community; partnership and volunteer opportunities; and where to view requests for proposals.