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Invest in Meaningful Innovation: Join Us in Partnering with Social Ventures Started by Young People

Today we are thrilled to announce the Strategic Alliance Initiative, through which IYF will partner with a consortium of social ventures from our network to drive impact and innovation on issues affecting people and the planet. 

With McDonald's, We're Bringing Youth Opportunity to D.C. Metro Area

The Youth Opportunity initiative, piloted in Chicago, comes to D.C. and Maryland.

LEAPS Learning Event - Opening Remarks

Susan Reichle, IYF's President & CEO, highlights accomplishments and lessons learned in her opening remarks at the LEAPS learning event, "Strengthening Youth Opportunity in Rural America," held on May 20, 2019.

Rural Trends: Issues and Opportunities in Rural America

What challenges do young people in rural areas and small cities face? What opportunities exist and what solutions stand out? Hear from the experts, including those who know best—young people themselves—in a panel discussion moderated by Dr.