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Decent Work, Transforming TVET Systems, and the Power of Inclusive Partnerships

Real change requires partnerships, and real partnerships must include young people.

Making Tech Work for Business: 3 Takeaways from IYF's Journey

In early 2017, the International Youth Foundation (IYF) embarked on a digital journey to develop a technology solution for tracking and managing stakeholder relationships, project activities and data, performance and results, and a handful of other business processes. Our solution, which we call...

IYF Convenes Experts to Explore the Tricky Dynamic Between Social Norms and Women’s Employment

We can provide young women with skills for work. We can understand where the jobs are and connect women to them. We can provide childcare to enable mothers to work outside the home. But in many places around the world, the idea of a woman holding a job is culturally problematic and not...

Support Victims of Cyclone Idai: Every Contribution Counts

On Monday, March 25, we're proudly joining colleagues, partners, and friends in Maputo, Mozambique to convene a critical discussion about youth inclusive systems amidst a tragedy that impacts youth directly.

In the wake of...

Youth Reconnection: What U.S. Practitioners Are Learning from Approaches Abroad

What’s possible when knowledge derived from diverse country contexts and disciplines is combined to create new hybrid solutions to the needs of out-of-school, out-of-work youth?