Public Private Partnerships

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Public Private Partnerships


“…By combining strengths, governments and philanthropies can more than double their impact. And the multiplier effect continues if we add businesses, NGOs, universities, unions, faith communities, 

and individuals. That’s the power of partnerships at its best — 

allowing us to achieve so much more together than we could apart.”


 — Secretary Of State Hillary Rodham Clinton

April 22, 2009



For the past two decades, IYF has specialized in building multi-stakeholder partnerships among government agencies, corporations, foundations, and local organizations to support positive youth development. As a pioneer in public-private partnerships, IYF was awarded USAID’s 2006 Global Development Alliance Excellence Award for the entra21 program in Latin America. With an initial investment of US$10 million from the Multilateral Investment Fund of the Inter American Development Bank, IYF generated an additional US$20.7 million in leveraged resources from a variety of international, national, and local donors.  Learn how these investments changed young lives throughout Latin America.


Another IYF example of public-private partnerships in action is Youth:Work. A Global Development Alliance (GDA) Leader With Associates (LWA) mechanism, Youth:Work allows USAID missions and bureaus to access IYF’s youth employability programs and services. Through this mechanism, USAID can support existing IYF programs to expand their scope and scale. Alternatively, new programs can be tailored to suit specific local needs through a collaborative process based on interventions proven to address local realities. 


Twenty years of relationship-building experience uniquely positions IYF to amplify program results by pairing resources from local and international businesses, multi-lateral donors such as the World Bank, and bi-lateral donors such as USAID. Youth:Work programs can include life skills and basic education, job training and placement, entrepreneurship, and other youth-friendly services targeting disadvantaged young people, including orphans and vulnerable children. Examples of current Youth:Work programs include Youth:Work Jordan, the Caribbean Youth Empowerment Program, and OBRA


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Mara Kronenfeld, Director, Partnerships & Program Development