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Youth Livelihoods Alliance (YLA): Creating Economic Opportunities for Young People

The Youth Livelihoods Alliance (YLA) is a multi-stakeholder initiative, led by IYF, focused on addressing the global youth unemployment crisis. Launched in October 2012, YLA aims to convene leaders in government, business and the multi-lateral donor community to:

  • Showcase multi-sector programs and initiatives that aim to hire and train youth, and support job creation through entrepreneurship; 
  • Facilitate the exchange of best practices and tested models of public-private partnerships that are addressing the youth unemployment challenge on a large scale; and 
  • Catalyze the development of practical, sustainable and scalable solutions to global youth unemployment; 

YLA is built on the core belief that multi-sector partnerships are the most effective approach to prepare young people for 21st century jobs. Members of YLA uphold three core commitments to youth: promoting the goal to hire young people, developing their skills, and creating jobs through entrepreneurship. 


Please read the YLA Fact Sheet, including a list of current members.


Activities to date:

In April 2013, YLA convened a roundtable called "Creating Economic Opportunities for Young People: Engaging the Private Sector", in collaboration with the Center for Strategic and International Studies. This event brought together public sector entities, such as the State Department and USAID, and private sector companies to discuss youth livelihoods as a core strategic goal for the public and private sector alike. For the key learnings and best practices that emerged from the event, you can read this briefing paper.


In June 2013, a second YLA roundtable, “Empowering Youth Entrepreneurs: MENA and Beyond” was co-hosted by Microsoft at Microsoft’s Policy and Innovation Center in Washington, DC. This event focused on how a mutlti-stakeholder approach to entrepreneurship is being developed in the MENA region. Private sector firms such as Microsoft and MasterCard talked about their strategies around youth entrepreneurship along with entrepreneurship organizations from the region. Read the briefing paper from this event.


To date, the following entities have provided in-kind and/or financial support for the YLA:




For more information on how to get involved, contact:


Angie Venza, Program Director at