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Global Partnership for Youth Employment

In 2008, with support from the World Bank, IYF joined with the Youth Employment Network (YEN), the Arab Urban Development Institute (AUDI), and the Understanding Children's Work Project (UCW) to create the Global Partnership for Youth Employment and Employability. Its goal is to build and disseminate evidence on youth employment outcomes and proven methods to improve them with special focus on Africa and the Middle East. To date, partners have launched a range of youth employment programs, research initiatives, and learning events. IYF serves as the secretariat for the partnership.

Combining efforts to increase reach and impact, the Global Partnership for Youth Employment supports:

  • Studies on youth employment issues and policies to inform policymakers;
  • Impact evaluations of partner-supported youth employability programs;
  • Tools and workshops to promote effective monitoring and evaluation of programs;
  • Local government programs serving disadvantaged youth in the Middle East;
  • Events to promote evidence-based policy dialogue on youth employment issues; 

Longer-term outcomes include a broader evidence base for youth employability programs through better evaluation and improvements in the design of youth employment policies and programs.


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Angie Venza, Program Director