Our events offer stakeholders from around the world an opportunity to come together and exchange ideas and experience. Expanding the global knowledge and understanding of challenges and opportunities in positive youth development, this collaboration drives change.

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In Uganda, the meeting offered an opportunity to discuss YouthMap assessment findings as well as challenges and opportunities.

Apr 21, 2015-Apr 22, 2015 Agenda Resources

At this event in South Africa, stakeholders discussed the success of the EquipYouth initiative and how it could grow and transform.

Aug 27, 2014-Aug 28, 2014 Agenda Resources

This event in Tanzania was intended to provide both a high-level forum and practical workshops to discuss best practice approaches for job creation and greater youth entrepreneurship in Africa.

Jun 03, 2014-Jun 06, 2014 Agenda Resources

This conference convened key stakeholders from Jordan and the Middle East and North Africa region to discuss the positive impact of life skills on youth employability and productivity.

Apr 06, 2014-Apr 07, 2014 Agenda Resources

This regional meeting in Saint Lucia offered an opportunity for stakeholders to work together—and with the region’s young people—to ensure youth have the skills and support they need to lead hopeful, productive lives. 

Jun 25, 2013-Jun 26, 2013 Agenda Resources

This conference in Senegal provided a forum for disseminating and discussing evidence-based research on youth employment and entrepreneurship and showcasing effective programs and policies. 

Jan 23, 2013-Jan 25, 2013 Agenda Resources

Held in Washington, DC, this conference brought together key stakeholders to better understand the barriers still facing today’s youth and to explore new ways to work together to scale proven practice programs.

Jun 21, 2012-Jun 23, 2012 Agenda Resources

Organized in Jordan under GPYE, this conference convened stakeholders supporting youth employability programs in the MENA region.

Feb 21, 2012-Feb 23, 2012 Agenda Resources

At this event in El Salvador, participants shared lessons learned in advocacy and job placement to prepare disadvantaged  youth for the labor market and the potential of developing public private alliances in the Salvadorian context.  

Agenda Resources

This event in Senegal provided an opportunity to discuss findings from the YouthMap assessment of the country and highlight promising practices and models for positive youth development.

Agenda Resources