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“The preparation of youth for work and life is very low… 

Education opportunities must be made more relevant to the needs of all young people as learners and future workers, parents, and citizens.”

— 2007 World Development Report

At IYF, Learning is about improving the academic performance, knowledge, and skills of youth as the foundation for leading a healthy and productive life. An estimated 125 million children worldwide are not in school. For those who do have access to an education, we need to ask: are they acquiring the skills and knowledge they need to succeed in life? IYF works with public, private, and civil society partners to expand and improve young people’s access to quality and relevant education — from delivering alternative education programs to out-of-school youth to equipping rural schools with new educational technologies. We also support programs that more closely connect the learning that goes on in the classroom to the demands of the workplace. Recognizing the critical role that teachers play in motivating learning, IYF and its Partners provide teachers with the best possible training to build young people’s creativity, self-esteem, and vocational skills. At the core of all IYF initiatives are life skills. IYF’s proven Passport to Success® curriculum, available in 12 languages, equips young people with a range of practical skills to help them maximize their potential as students, workers, and citizens.